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How to Save on a Wedding Dress

It’s a bride’s dream – the perfect dress that makes her groom mouth “wow” as he turns to look at her for the first time. Going for the designer look that dominates the bridal magazines is one path to the dream dress. However it comes at a price. With an investment of your time, you […]

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Find the Perfect Evening Dress Suitable for a Wedding

We’re subjected to celebrities wearing gorgeous, flowing, designer gowns almost every week at an array of celebrity parties, award ceremonies and film premieres but we rarely get to wear them ourselves! If you’re lucky enough to have an important event to go to – perhaps a friend’s wedding – then make sure you wow the […]

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Big vs Small Weddings

Are you agonizing over whether to go all out and have an enormous wedding, or to keep things intimate, with only your nearest and dearest in attendance? Below is a list of the advantages of big and small weddings in the hope it will help you to make the decision that’s right for you. Big […]

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