Sunflower Wedding Theme

No flower says cheerful as much as a sunflower! Sunflowers are a perfect theme in which to center one of the happiest days of your life. With their vibrant yellow petals, deep brown center, and vivid green stems, sunflowers allows you to choose among an array of styles and colors to create your wedding.

Imagine the glorious setting of getting married near a sea of sunflowers! Under a canopy draped with sunny yellow! Or go more formal at an art museum or church, using a black and white theme, accented with big, yellow sunflower blossoms. Whichever way you choose to go, sunflowers are easily adaptable—from fun and funky to carefree and country to chic and classy.

To set the style, play around with colors to use as your accents. Pick brilliant shades of colors to compliment sunflowers. Such as vibrant blues, pinks, reds, and purples. Of course, you can use sunflower colors, too—yellow, gold, brown, and green. White and black create a stunning and formal atmosphere. Gingham and polka dot prints coordinate well with sunflowers, too. Gingham lends to a country feel, while polka dots are trendier. Experiment with the prints to find which you like the most.

As an added bonus, sunflowers are in season right now, which means you have fresh flowers easily available. If you plan ahead, you can grow your own, too! They are hardy, low-maintenance plants. It’s an easy way to help out your wedding budget!


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